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The Jeus: Spencer and Brittany were both born and raised in North Little Rock. Spencer moved to Jonesboro for college, and Brittany moved here after they got married. They've been married 5 years, have a one-year old daughter named Charlee, a golden retriever named Cache, and another baby on the way.

Spencer co-owns and runs Duxmen Outfitters, a lodge and guide service for duck and goose hunting. Brittany works part-time in life insurance and financial planning for Woodmen Life, stays home with Charlee, and cooks at the lodge during duck season.

The Jeu's would love for you to attend their hangout group! You can expect dinner, fellowship, and lots of kiddos running wild through the house. You and yours are welcome to join in the fun!

Brittany Jeu

Join us Tuesdays @ 6pm

701 Amberwood Cove, Jonesboro, AR 72401