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I’m New

You’re new here? So are we! We are so excited to be launching in the Jonesboro area to shine the light of Jesus and introduce people to new life in Christ. Cruise around the site and get a taste of what Verge Church is all about.

We exist to love God, love People, and Change the World

We really believe Jesus changes people’s lives because he has changed us. We’re not perfect and we’re not looking for perfect people. We’re looking for people who really just need a second chance and a fresh start…

WE WANT GOD’S BEST: We believe that if we want to experience God’s best, we must give God our best. So we strive for creativity, relevance, and excellence in everything we do.


WE CAN’T DO LIFE ALONE: We thrive in the context of healthy relationships. So we believe everyone should be connected to a VergeGroup.


WE ARE CONTRIBUTORS NOT CONSUMERS: We live to give, not just take. We believe that every believer should be serving somewhere. So we’re committed to developing leaders and helping you find what God made you to do.


OUR COMMUNITY MATTERS: Our community should be a better place to live because our church exists. So we make this a reality through tangible acts of service…the love of Jesus in action!


WE LIVE AND GIVE GENEROUSLY: We don’t own what we’ve got…it all belongs to God. So we give generously, never short-change God, and risk it all for the sake of the lost!