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We’re all about relationships… So everything we do is about creating environments where relationship can begin, grow and be renewed. It all starts with a real, saving, relationship with God. This happens through Jesus. Once you’re in a relationship with Jesus Christ, we are absolutely convinced that you will find your greatest joy, your greatest passion and your greatest purpose doing what He created you to do. So our worship environment is one where it makes sense to use the words church and fun in the same sentence! Because new life in Christ is the true source of joy! Church should be the highlight of your week.

But it doesn’t end there. We were created for relationships with each other. That’s why we created VergeGroups. These groups are very diverse. It’s all about connecting and doing life together. We believe that when you connect with other people you’ll open up doors for personal growth and ministry like you’ve never imagined!

And even that isn’t the ultimate goal… When we are in a reconciled relationship with God, and healthy relationships with each other, we’re ready to reach out to the world around us and across the globe with the same life-giving love of God that has changed us. We’re ready to go and make disciples as Jesus commanded.

Let us help you find how your passions, talents, and gifts intersect with the plan of God in Jonesboro and beyond!