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VergeKids Policies

At Verge Church we believe that your children deserve the very best we have to offer. So we strive to offer a safe, clean, environment where they will experience the best hour of their week. We are also committed to staffing our vergeKIDS environments with the best people we have. These policies reflect those goals.

For Your Child’s Safety:

  • Every child who participates in vergeKIDS must be checked in via our digital check-in system which places a name tag with security code on each child.
  • Children are only released to an adult who presents the corresponding check-in tag.
  • Only children who have been checked-in, teachers, and parents are allowed in our children’s ministry environments.
  • Each teacher is required to have a background check.
  • We only staff caring, female, volunteers in our tinyKIDS environment (0-36 months).

 For your child’s well-being & enjoyment:

  • Parents and relatives are requested to avoid coming to the door of their child’s department to check on them as it often disturbs a happy child to see his parent at the door. If a parent is needed, they will be notified via text message immediately.
  • Children should be picked up quickly following the service. It is important to the child that parents are prompt.
  • Bottles and other containers brought by the parents will be given to each child according to parents’ instructions. All articles brought by parents should be labeled with the child’s name. This would include labeling diaper bags. Only disposable diapers should be used.
  • Snacks may be served during class.  A vergeKIDS worker will let parents know what the snack is and ask about food allergies.
  • Children who show signs of illness, such as high temperature or diarrhea cannot be accepted into a vergeKIDS environment.
  • If your child is sick, he or she will be more comfortable at home. Please do not expose the other children unnecessarily. We ask that your child be free of fever for 24 hours after a contagious disease before you bring him/her back to vergeKIDS.

Questions? Email Us at Kids@vergechurch.com