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The Stinnetts

Tracy and I are passionate about all things Verge Church and Jonesboro. We are here to make Jonesboro a better place to live; we believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the way to do that.  I believe the best way to impact Jonesboro is by creating a community where people can live in authentic gospel-centered relationships with one another.

The heart of Verge Church is pretty easy to see: “EVERYONE MATTERS.” Verge Church is committed to the reality that every human being matters. Every person has a unique God-given purpose; Verge Church exists to help people discover that purpose. Every week at Verge, the Gospel speaks life into the guests, stirring them to action, helping them encounter God through Christ and leave Verge pursuing the life God has for them and accomplishing their “God-given” purpose.

If you want to know more about Verge Church, come check us out Sunday at 10:30. Hope to see you soon.

Much Love,

Michael and Tracy