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VergeGroups Leaders-John and Sarah Franks

Hello from John and Sarah Franks to all who are reading this!  If you are taking time to look over this you must be: a.) bored b.) interested in Verge Church or c.) think that a family with glasses is cool.  If you fall into any of those three categories, then my wife and I would love to get to know you!  Sarah and I are excited to tell you a little about us and our journey at Verge Church.  We have been married for a little over two years and have been a part of Verge Church for a little under two.  We are both teachers.  While Sarah takes care of the little ones in preschool at Jonesboro Pre-K, I teach social studies to the big kids at Nettleton High School.  We have recently moved into a beautiful new home in Brookland and share that home with three adorable doggos: Reed (the happy one), Doc (the excitable one), and Ellie (the cute one). These past two years have been quite an adventure.  We started our relationship as youth ministry leaders at an area church, but God had different plans and moved us into position to get connected at Verge Church.  When we came to Verge we were broken, confused, and anxious about what God had in store for us; however, God has put us back together again and connected us with a wonderful group of believers.  Our love for Verge Church, and it’s mission, is because Verge Church was able to remind us the importance of connection, not only to God but to each other.  That’s one reason why we are leading VergeGroups. It is our hope to find a place for every person in northeast Arkansas to connect and grow in the path that God has laid out for them.  Humans are not an island, we cannot go it alone.  God designed us for connection, collaboration, and friendship.  Sarah and I firmly believe that the way of the Church is to open ourselves up to others, not close ourselves off.  We hope you will consider letting us connect with and befriend you as we continue to strive for the kingdom that God has in store for this world.  


Much Love,

John and Sarah Franks

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