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You weren't made to do life alone. Join us on the journey.

Jesus never called humanity to be alone, but instead called us to live in community with one another by cultivating love and compassion for all people. Verge Church is dedicated to the building up of the community that God created humanity to be a part of, and we feel the best way to do this is by groups of Christ followers meeting together regularly and just doing life together. Some people decide to do this by sharing hobbies, taking a meal together, studying the Word, or just hanging out. Regardless of the venue or style of group, the goal is the same: to love God, love people, and change the world. So wherever you are in life or your walk with God, there is a group for you!

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The Breakfast Club with Mike
(Men's Bible Study Group)

Every Wednesday these men will meet at various restaurants around Jonesboro to eat together, pray together, and learn together. All guys who can wake up early are welcome!

Wednesdays @ 6 AM

Ladies' Night

This group is all about the ladies! My hope for this group is that we make new friends, we will build stronger relationships as we grow closer together in unity and have fun along the way. We meet one Saturday a month at 6PM.
Different location each time(dinner, bowling, painting, crafting, escape room, etc.)

Eat Pray Love Group.jpg
Franks Home Group

Do you love dogs? Do you love food? Do you love being with people who try to show the love of Jesus? Then the Franks home group might be right up your alley. We meet every Thursday night at 6:30 at our home in Brookland. Every Thursday night we share a meal, share our life experiences, and share our opinions on what God is trying to say through his word. We do have large dogs and no dedicated playroom, so small children might feel uncomfortable. However, all are welcome if you don’t mind dog hair. 

Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM

Jeu Home Group

This group is for Families with kids (or people who just love to be around crazy kids). We're all about getting to know each other better, letting our kids play together and praying for one another...all while wrangling our wild children. We will have a potluck style dinner. Come join us!!!


Wednesdays @ 6 PM

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Prayer Group

This group is where we meet to pray over the prayer cards and also personal needs we may have as well. We get to learn more about each other and carry each others burdens through prayer. Everyone is welcome!!! We meet at the Verge Church building on Saturdays at 8:30AM, but the time is tentative based on everyone's availability.

Stinnett Family Group

This group is all about getting to know each other and connecting with God. We will have potluck style meals, great discussions, game nights, kids nights, and other fun times. Come do life with us.


Sundays @ 5:30

Verge Church Building

Verge Students

The goal of Verge Students is to provide a safe, welcoming place for teenagers to grow together in their walk with Jesus.  We don’t want to provide 7th-12th graders with just a “teenaged” version of Sunday morning service, but instead provide a place where they can come and be a community with other teenagers that are going through similar issues in their walk with God. Verge Students meets at the Verge Church building at 6:30 on Wednesdays.

Verge Game Night

Competition, strategy, colorful squares, and great sandwiches are all part of Verge Game Night.  Every second and fourth Saturday of the month at San Francisco Bread Company at 4 p.m. we gather together to play board games, hang out, and just be together.  Come on out and try your luck with a great group of people while playing some wonderful games together.

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hays group.jpg
Hays Group

We hope you will come join us as we dive into the Word together, growing in faith and maturity.  Loving, encouraging, and praying for one another, while also sharing a potluck meal! Everyone is welcome, including kids!

Sundays @ 5PM

Women's Bible Study

This group is about women studying God’s word, growing in the Lord, and living life together! We will be starting a study this fall called Made for This by Jennie Allen. There will also be quarterly events for all the women at Verge to grow in unity and just spend time together! All adult women are welcome!

womens bible study.jpg

Tuesdays @ 6PM

Verge Church Building

Stirring Coffee
Women's Coffee Book Club

Women’s Coffee Book Club is exactly what it sounds like. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday, women get together at Ashley Guerber’s house from 9:30-11:00 a.m. to discuss a Christian, fictional book while sipping on an espresso. Ashley provides all the espresso necessities.You just come on over, make your coffee however you please, take a seat, and relax for a morning.